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PC MACs Animatronic Software

For animatronic control, PC MACs from Gilderfluke is one of the highest rated show control software packages available. PC MACs is set up as a full show control system, including programming ability and show play back. The software's innovative use of time scale where each channel's programming is literally drawn in the programming window, makes the software very easy to use. For those familiar with audio sequencers or video production in software like Adobe Premiere, PC MACs has the same intuitive feel.

Huge shows can be coordinated with Gilderfluke's software. Shows can not only include animatronic figures, but also lighting, special effects, audio, video, water fountains, curtains, doors, and more. when programming data is downloaded to Gilderfluke's animatronic control hardware, show sizes are unlimited. Timing of shows are either set by SMPTE time code, audio, video files, or by triggered inputs.

The hardwareless version of PC MACs is free. To gain real-time programming capabilities a licesed version is available for purchase. For small shows this is not necessary, but for shows that require good timing of the figures, the real-time programming is a huge plus.