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Blue Point Engineering, LLC

Show Control Hardware: DMX relay, DMX light, DMX sound, servo, motor control, digital relay control, analog voltage control, stepper motor control, serial control, specialty animatronic items

Location: Longmont, Colorado USA


Blue point Engineering makes a variety of electronic boards and components that are designed for animatronics. From DMX audio and servo controllers to autotalk boards that synchronize audio with lip movement, BPE has a large selection of controllers that have a specific purpose. Here are some examples of their ever-growing selection of show control hardware for animatronics.

DMX Control

Blue Point Engineering has the largest commercial selection of DMX control boards designed for animatronics. Not only do they have relatively inexpensive 1 to 8 channel mechnical or solid state relay boards, but they also stock a serial to DMX converter board, DMX servo control boards, DMX stepper motor controllers, and DMX DC motor control board. They also produce DMX analog control boards and a unique DMX controlled video source controller. For help with lighting, Blue Point Engineering has DMX voltage controllers and DMX LED driver boards. BPE also produces DMX merge or splitter boards and various DMX network monitoring electronics.

Digital Control

When digital relay control is needed, Blue Point Engineering offers a variety of boards to do the job. The Wizard 10, 13 and 15 boards all control a varying number of digital relays. The Wizard 15 board controls the highest load at 500mA per relay. Their High Current Programmable Output Control Board controls a whopping 6 amp load, although it only controls 1 channel.

Servo Control

Blue Point Engineering offers a varitey of boards that control at least one RC servo motor. The Wizard 1, 5, 6, 11, and 12 all control at least 1 servo. BPE also offers stand alone servo boards that control 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 servos either by pre-programming or through instant manual control.

Unique Animatronic Items

Blue Point Engineering has their popular line of Wizard boards for small figures or puppets. These are stand-alone boards with control of more than one feature of a figure. Some control boards, like the Wizard 5 Super Animatronic Control Board, can control sound, servo motors, and digital outputs. The Wizard 5 board can store up to 5 minutes of servo control (2 servos) and digital relay output (2 outputs) control and 4 minutes of audio, all on one board. Or there is the Wizard 11 board which store up to 6 minutes of animation for 6 servo motors and 2 digital relays and 4 minutes of audio with auto-talk control, on one control board. BPE has over a dozen Wizard control boards, all with different features.

Blue Point Engineering also offers their Auto-Talk Controller E2. This board converts audio input to automated servo control. This is perfect for fast animation of mouth control or figure movement in time with a sound source.