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Arduino - Open Source

Arduino uno microcontroller

Show Control Hardware: DMX control, servo motor control, digital relay control, analog voltage control, stepper motor control, serial control and data storage, sound control

Original Location: Ivrea, Italy


arduino uno packageBeing an open source embedded controller, the arduino is a promising option for animatronics control. Processing speed with the 8-bit Atmel AVR-based processor is adequate for show control. Expansion of the Arduino using shields provides a way to control more components and different parts of a show. Unlike most animatronic equipment, the Arduino gives show designers the ability to custom program the hardware. The Arduino is controlled using free software, based on the open source Wiring language which is very similar to C++. Don't worry, learning the Arduino Duemilanove boardcommand for this language is as easy as the basic programming language. Currently, there are not many animatronic control routines available from the Arduino community, but this niche area is growing.