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Manufacturer: Alcorn McBride Inc.

Alcorn McBride is one of the premiere manufacturers of animatronics equipment. Their sound equipment is used in many different theme parks, restaurants, shows, and museums.

AM4 digital audio machineAudio Products:

Digital Audio Machine AM4

There are several different versions of Alcorn McBride's smallest audio component, the Digital Audio Machine AM4, offered for animatronic shows. The AM4 is a digital audio repeater which stores audio files on a compact flash card. More than 500 separate audio files (MP3 or wav) will fit on the maximum standard 2GB compact flash card the AM4 accepts. Control of the audio is accomplished by a variety of inputs, based on the exact AM4 model purchased.

8Traxx Audio player8-TraXX

Alcorn McBride's 8-TraXX is a digital audio repeater with 8 separate audio tracks. This unit is completely solid state, so there are no moving parts. The unit stores up to 100,000 identifiable high quality, stereo MP3 audio tracks on a compact flash card. The amount and file size of the audio tracks are only limited by the size of the memory card. The 8-TraXX audio repeater plays up to 8 audio tracks at a time so ambient sounds, music, and independent voices can all be recreated in a show environment.

Playback options are very versatile on the 8-TraXX audio device. MIDI, an internal clock, 8 separate contact inputs, RS-232, and Ethernet are all options for triggering audio sounds. Scheduling looping soundtracks is also easy with the 8-traXX and Alcorn software.

AmpTraxx 16 track audio ampAmpTraXX

The AmpTraXX by Alcorn McBride is a 16 channel amplifier and mixer. Sixteen separate single line, unbalanced inputs are featured on the AmpTraXX. Stereo inputs require the use of two lines. This amplifier is programmable and filtering and volume control are available separately for each channel. Two DB-25 connectors are also available to control audio balancing. Output from the AmpTraXX leads to sixteen 20 watt speaker connections for audio in multiple zones or rooms.

24 track Alcorn McBride digital binloopDigital Binloop - 24 Track

The 24 Track Digital Binloop from Alcorn McBride is a full featured media player for animatronic shows. It plays WAV or AIFF audio files with encoding up to 96KHz. It also plays MPEG-2 video files. Up to 24 different tracks can be broadcast at the same time. The media is all stored on CompactFlash cards so files are easy to transfer and there is no fear of wearing out a hard drive or tape. One of the best features of the Digital Binloop is its ability to read and generate linear time code from audio or video output in either SMPTE or EBU format.

Digital Binloop - 32 Track

The 32 Track Digital Binloop from Alcorn McBride has all the features of the 24 track model, but adds 8 additional tracks of audio or video output.