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Custom Animatronic Software

Custom Animatronic software is an option for any size show. The cost of embedded microcontrollers makes custom design dersireable. Popular embedded microcontrollers such as Arduino, Propeller, PIC, and Basic Stamp 2 have example code available for control of motors, servos, sound, and data control such as DMX-512

Another area of popular custom design is the show programming side. Programming of an animatronics show is a very tedious Disney animatronic programming consoleprocess. When Disney originated the technology, figures required frame-by-frame programming, similar to character animation. Each movement of the figures was recorded. The entire show, including all data for all character movement was then combined on a device for playback.

New techology, sensors, and ways to input and record data are available so a variety of different ways to record animatronic movement in synch with audio is now possible.