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Robot base kits

mobile robot base kitWith increased popularity of robots and the lower cost of microcontrollers capable of commanding a robot, robotic base kit offerings are more plentiful now than ever before. Most starter robot base kits are mobile platforms, usually with two wheels operated by motors and a front free-turning wheel. The base also holds the microcontroller circuit board, electronics to store programs, batteries to power the board and motors, and some type of sensors to control the robot. There are more advanced robot base kits with tracked wheels or bipedal movement, but the starter robot kits are typically of the wheeled variety.

One of the main reasons to get started in robotics with a robot base kit is to learn how a robot works. Most good robot kits teach beginners how every part of the robot works as you build the bot. You will learn about wheels, motors, power, and sensors. As each component of the robot is built, programming is explained in detail. Using this approach, people who are creative with electronics, metal and plastic work, and programming will quickly find thousands of used for their robot project when they are finished.

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