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.NET Gadgeteer Robotics

The .NET Gadgeteer electronics platform is one of the easiest to use for a variety of projects like robotics. Robot hobbiests typically choose Arduino or Basic Stamp because of their ease of use, but in many ways .NET gadgeteer is easier. The .NET Gadgeteer system was developed by Microsoft research during internal development of electronics hardware. Microsoft graciously made the entire platform open-source to aid educators and others with rapid development of small electornics projects.


Available .NET Gadgeteer Boards and Components

Bluetooth module by GHI Electronics - Send and receive Bluetooth data. Retail price $39.95
CAN DW module by GHI Electronincs - Dual wire CAN transceiver. Retail price $24.95
Color Camera Module by GHI Electronics - Low resolution (320 x 240) video camera - Retail price $34.95
  Compass Module by GHI Electronics - Add a digital compass accurate to 1° or 2° heading, to any project. Retail price $15.90
Ethernet port module by GHI Electronics - Ethernet cable port for direction connection to a LAN - Retail price $14.95
Joystick module by GHI Electronics - A small joystick to provide input for the system - Retail price $6.95
Music Module by GHI Electronics - Use a gadgeteer to control MP3, MIDI, WMA, OGG, and WAV audio files. Retail price $34.95
  pH and Temperature module by Love Electronics - Measure the pH of liquids and termperature. - Retail price £21.98
Relay Module by Seeed Studio - Includes 4-3 volt DC relays for controlling low power on-off electronics. Retail price $20.50
SD Card module by GHI Electronics - Add reading and writing to a SD memory card to a Gadgeteer project. - Retail price $6.95
  Serial to USB module by GHI Electronics - Convert any UART mainboard socket on a gadgeteer to a virtual USB COM port. Retail price $19.95
Smart Multicolor LED module by GHI Electronics - Equipped with a built-in ARM 32-bit processor. Retail price $15.95
  USB module by GHI Electronics - Connects virtually any USB device, including a memory stick, to a Gadgeteer. - Retail price $5.95